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Join Alfa Laval’s new Net-zero launch event − We are back with new products and insights!


After an incredibly successful first run in February 2022, Alfa Laval is back with new insight on how to accelerate sustainable solutions in the energy market. The Alfa Laval Net-zero launch event will focus on how we intend to tackle some of the most pressing issues of today. This covers everything from the exciting opportunities that come with increased digitalization, to the many ways we can tackle our collective decarbonization goals.

“We will invite customers from around the world to join us, as we discuss the ‘Innovation that accelerates sustainable solutions.’ Our exciting line-up of speakers will take us on a deep dive into their area of expertise, showing us how to bring our commitments to energy efficiency, clean energy, and circularity to life,” says Thomas Møller, Executive Vice President of Alfa Laval’s Energy Division.

These three areas are the corner stones of Alfa Laval’s sustainability offering and they are at the heart of the ways in which we can support our customers to reach Net-zero, continues Møller. This sparks our imagination and drive our innovations. On the same time, we need to understand that acceleration of the Net-zero journey needs to happen through partnerships, where complementary competences and capabilities come together to break new grounds.”

Alfa Laval is home to the latest thinking when it comes to creating new technologies that boost profits, cut costs, and improve sustainability. This event is set to summarize a few of these key products and technologies that can address the industries’ latest challenges and opportunities. For example, heat reuse and liquid cooling solutions are trending in the global data center industry right now, and Alfa Laval is leading the way with new products that are tailor-made to make data centers more energy efficient. Another example is Alfa Laval’s commitment to connectivity, with important focus on thermal scanning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The experts in the studio, will also share the latest Alfa Laval has to offer in separation technologies, filter systems, hybrid air cooling, and long duration energy storage. This will include many exciting new products being launched, such as the Alfa Laval Moatti 180 range, Packinox+, HYAC, and more.

So, if you want to be part of building a brighter future, be sure to join Alfa Laval’s Net-zero launch event. The event, which is free to join takes place online on the 15th of September 2022 at 14.00 CET.

Find out more about the Alfa Laval Net-zero launch event and sign-up!
For further information, please contact:
Tomas Bäckefjord
Vice President Marketing & Communications, Energy Division
Mobile: +46725554458


Alfa Laval Nordic Oy


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