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Markinvest Oy

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Chamber of Commerce:
Hämeen kauppakamari
Main Line of Business:
Business and other management consultancy activities
Home Municipality:
Street Address:
Karjalankatu 35 A, LH 1 , 15150, LAHTI
Postal Address:
c/o Markinvest Oy Karjalankatu 35 A , 15150, LAHTI
Business ID:
Business FinlandCertificateELY CenterFinlandKazakhstanMarketinvestmentMarketresearchMarkinvestSwedishTeamFinland

Markinvest Oy


Now, more than ever, is the place to work together. We are with you and your resources to help your company through the crisis as best we can.

War affects all of us in many different ways. We are considering how to proceed and where to find new potential markets, customers and networks.


Business development services KEHPA, ELY Centre. Springboard for development.

KEHPA analysis and consulting services are suitable for your company if you have a need and desire to seek growth in Finland or exports or otherwise need to internationalise/renew.

Analysis - identifying the current state and new opportunities, the price is 260€ + VAT per day. Duration usually one day.

Kehpa Consulting is designed for your company's needs. It can be, for example, accelerating growth domestically and/or internationally, or through renewal, the price is 325 € + VAT/day. Duration usually 2-3 days.


Innovation Voucher, Business Finland

An Innovation Voucher is often the start of your company's development of new business and products.

Innovation Voucher-lifecycle services we always tailor to your needs, such as market research, digitalisation, product development issues, the potential of artificial intelligence...

Business Finland's Innovation Voucher has been renewed. The company's own contribution is EUR 0. In Business Finland's Innovation Voucher financial service, the grant amounts to 5,000 euros VAT 0%.


Market research services

Do you want to know how big your company's potential would be in the chosen target market, what the market structure is like, at what prices it is possible to succeed, who your competitors are and how they work, and what needs to be taken into account when entering/entering the target market?

Market research services are for opening doors to new market areas, growth, internationalisation, improving the efficiency of your business and developing competitive superiority.


Domestic growth in Finland

Growth can come from existing customers, existing products, new customers, new products or through renewal or entirely new businesses.

We'll take a look at your whole business idea.

Growth through exports and internationalisation

Export and internationalisation offer your company new opportunities, more potential markets and an opportunity to increase turnover.

Export stairs ® is a company-specific consulting concept and is suitable for your company if you are starting exporting or expanding it.

Our service covers the entire export staircase, such as export readiness analysis, internationalisation plan, business contact trips and negotiations, daily operations.

Growth through renewal

Success is usually in your own hands; failure is often also your own fault. When your people understand what it takes to be successful, to grow and to be profitable, and to operate better than competitors, they become engaged and excited.

Markinvest services to renew your business:

  1. sparring and support, strategy integration into the organization
  2. analysis and development of Strategic Business Areas, success factors
  3. analysis and development of competitive advantage in Business areas
  4. strategic market research

Customs Union EAC Certification Services and training

We offer your company an optimal certification solution. We analyse what EAC certificates and statements your product needs and what regulations require certification.

The EAC certificate is the most important document when exporting products to the Eurasian Union, the customs union.

A list of products to be compulsorily certified has been drawn up in the Customs Union. Products that are not on the list of mandatory certifications comply with national certification regulations such as the Kazakh GOST K.



At Markinvest, we work to be a reliable, competent and responsible partner for our customers and partners.

With our customers in mind, we are committed to continuous improvement. We challenge ourselves every day to be better and more effective in everything we do.

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